This Place Ain't What It Used To Be

This album has been released only in Europe and Canada. It is a compilation of songs from The Man Called Someone, 41 Crosses and River of Fire.

Listen to short previews of highlighted songs by clicking on them.

  1. This Place Ain't What It Used To Be
  2. All the Way From Memphis
  3. Hey Maria
  4. Barrio Girl
  5. Heart of Mine
  6. Elvis in the Rain
  7. I'm James Dean
  8. Even Geronimo Surrendered
  9. Clayton Town
  10. Have Faith In Me
  11. Rio De Fuego
  12. The Man Called Someone
  13. 41 Crosses
  14. Ghost of Hollywood
  15. Old Town

Available only from CoraZong Records (Europe)
or CD Baby (US).